LTL Services

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Less than truckload (LTL)

24/7 Express Logistics provides door-to-door  LTL for the small to mid-sized shipper and the entire 3rd party logistics (3PL) industry. Our LTL service involves less handling and therefore provides quicker transit times and an industry leading low claim percentage.

24/7 Express Logistics provides long haul LTL consolidation from our facilities in the Los Angeles/Long Beach, CA, region and Kansas City, and the surrounding area.

LTL Services Map

Volume LTL (Partial Truckload)


Partial truckload is a valuable service alternative for your larger LTL shipments and can offer substantial savings over a truckload when a full truck is not needed. Partial truckloads tend to be delivered to your customer off the truck vs. the traditional LTL model, where freight tends to be frequently loaded and off-loaded at LTL terminals.

  • Call us for a quote prior to shipping 5,000lbs. and/or 6 pallets or more via a LTL common carrier
  • Great solution for your appointment or specific delivery window
  • Lower risk of damage to freight than traditional LTL
  • Typically lower cost than LTL or Truckload
  • Less handling of your important freight (eliminates terminal handling)
  • Transit times are generally faster than LTL (door-to-door)
  • No need for confusing pricing schemes (HWT pricing, SMC3 pricing, pallet pricing, flat-rate pricing available)


24/7 Express Logistics provides line haul service via direct contracts with the top tier railroads. All equipment moves on 24/7 Express Logistics trailers (TOFC) with an emphasis on Expedited or Premium rail service. 

Freight Trains

We have a strong dedicated driver force due in part to the ability to keep the majority of our driver’s home every night or every other night and home every weekend. Our metro drivers will make pickups and deliveries, tender to the expedited rail and metro drivers at the destination market to recover immediately upon arrival and deliver it direct to the destination.

Service currently provided between Southern California and Kansas City to the surrounding areas.

Benefits of utilizing Intermodal

  • Reduces our carbon footprint on the line-haul portion
  • Stronger record of on-time performance vs. OTR 
  • Adds capacity when you need it and where you need it. Our ability to move equipment quickly from market-to-market is a great competitive advantage
  • Adds capacity during strong volume spikes and seasonally strong periods
  • We believe this approach provides our customers with amazing consistency while preserving the best driver force in the business. We take extremely good care of our drivers so that they will be there for you when you need them and we take pride in offering our drivers and owner-operators a better culture and lifestyle.