24/7 specializes in developing, implementing and operating door-to-door pool distribution programs. This service is highly beneficial for customers and retailers with high LTL volumes and/or a need to consolidate freight from multiple geographical areas or multiple modes before last mile delivery service takes place. 24/7 Express Pool Distribution service can deliver substantial lower total costs, faster transit times, and a considerably lower claims ratio than traditional LTL. This service also helps by using appointment times or delivery windows for the store to have the proper staffing to accept shipments and not have to scramble with LTL that can arrive multiple times and with no set delivery schedule.

24/7 also provides inbound consolidation, de-consolidation, cross dock operations, warehousing, fulfillment and regional distribution.

24/7 can provide services whether it is to a single city or state, or as large as regional or national. We can manage a partial or specific region or a nationwide distribution network in a cost effective and efficient fashion.

24/7 Express Distribution services include the following services:

  • Pool Distribution
  • Shipment sortation and segregating
  • Consolidation and de-consolidation
  • Pick and Pack
  • Warehousing and inventory management
  • Scheduled appointments
  • Line haul network infrastructure
  • Return or reverse logisticsPool analysis, planning and implementation
  • Barcode scanning
  • Use of your system or integration of ours

Pool Distribution

Definition of Pool Distribution

Item ScannerPool Distribution is the distribution of product to numerous stores within a particular geographic region. This is a highly superior and cost effective alternative to the higher cost of LTL shipments. In some instances this could represent a 30%-70% savings vs. traditional LTL. Instead of LTL direct to store, product is shipped to regional terminals or DC’s in truckload quantities. There it is off loaded, then segregated and sorted by store and then reloaded on local delivery trucks for delivery to pool destinations. Pool Distribution reduces transit times, reduces claims and damages and allows for significant savings over LTL rates. Product is scanned off the trailer when first received at the pool terminal; products are scanned to pallets specified by store (carton count, weight, height, equipment specifications) and then reconciled after sort and segregation; then scanned into the store on delivery.

Contributing to the cost effectiveness of Pool Distribution over LTL includes: the number of pool points per pool (i.e. # of stores), volumes per store, weight per shipment, frequency of deliveries, and distance from store to pool point (terminal). Pool also allows for less overhead for store as all products for store would be contained to one shipment per day by appointment vs. numerous LTL shipments and not having control over the frequency of deliveries and when they arrive. In most cases this allows utilizing same driver each day so familiarity allows us to provide better service specific to each stores individual needs.


Cross-docking is the practice of unloading materials from an incoming container, trailer, or rail car and loading these materials into outbound trailers or rail cars, with little or no storage in between. The focus for a cross-dock operation is on receiving and staging rather than on the storage and order picking.

Key Concept

24/7 Express Logistics has a cross-docking / pool distribution strategy that is an effective solution leveraged to improve transportation service to customers and reduce handling and storage costs. Our cross-dock layout allows for quick movement through our warehouse to route product from one or multiple manufacturing site(s) to a distribution center strategically located nearer to the designated customer population. Product can be shipped from manufacturing plants to our warehouse where it will be deconsolidated into multiple shipments and delivered directly to the outbound customer. Special packaging and labeling requirements can be met as a value-added function of 24/7 Express Logistics cross-docking service.


Cross docking/Pool Distribution shifts the focus from “supply chain” to “demand chain”. For example stock coming into the cross docking center has already been pre-allocated against a replenishment order generated by a retailer in the supply chain.

Materials are brought in to one central location and then sorted for delivery to a variety of destinations
Consolidation arrangements, where a variety of smaller shipments are combined into one larger shipment for economy of transport
Deconsolidation arrangements, where large shipments are broken down into smaller lots for ease of delivery.


  • Greater supply chain responsiveness
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced inventory levels
  • Increased throughput
  • Reduced product obsolescence
  • Reduced product damages
  • Reduced transit times
  • Faster time to market
  • Quicker cash flow

Reverse Logistics

24/7 Express provides our Pool Distribution clients with “reverse” logistics or “Returns”. As we distribute your product to your retail locations, we will collect all overstocks and/or returns at time of store delivery and consolidate your returns at our facility to your D.C. or preferred location. 24/7 can transport these returns to any point in the country or you can control the return process with your chosen carrier.

LTL Services

24/7 Express Logistics provides Regional door-to-door LTL services for the small to mid-sized shipper. Regional short haul LTL is performed to/from our facilities in Kansas City, MO and St. Louis, MO alongside our leading Pool Distribution solutions for major Fortune 500 retailers in the Midwest market.